Friday Jun 20 2014 16:00 - 17:00
Season Opening


On Midsummer June 20, 16:00 – 17:00 Early Summer, Gijrragiessie, is inaugurated in Döbelns park.

Starting at 12:00, the park will be filled with choral singing and artistic performances thanks to the international choir festival A Choral Midsummer Light’s Dream. The season opening ceremony at 16:00 is led by Elvira Lander who will be interpreting the new season and also introduce the artistic group Simka’s project Floating Trunks. The vocal Quartet Kraja offers unique sounds rooted in folk song, the Sami band Ára will present music that has made new pathways for yoik as an art form. Also, the Sångkraft chamber choir will set the mood with choral singing.

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Four local singers present unique harmonies and tunes sprung from folk song. With twelve years of stage experience Kraja can be called young veterans on the Swedish folk song scene. Throughout the years, the group has enthralled audiences both locally and outside of Sweden. A new album is slated for launch in 2015.

The group Ára takes a prominent place between Sami tradition and visionary energy. Their first album titled “O” created new ways for yoik as an art form, a musical meeting that bridged cultural boundaries. With the new album Vuoste virdái (“Against the Stream”) Ára honors the people standing up for their origin, those who are proud of their tradition and history.

Sångkraft chamber choir
During their 40 years of existence, the chamber choir Sångkraft, has become one of Umeå’s cultural institutions. The choir has a broad repertoire consisting of classical music, pop, jazz and folk music spanning several centuries of vocal compositions. Sångkraft currently consists of about 40 singers.

Elvira Lander
Elvira is a stage person with a passion for forging words. She has improvised herself through life and on the stage which is her favourite place to be. In her spare time is she doing music and dance and dream of working with everything from humor to yogi in India.

Floating Trunks
Young people from Riga, Pori and Umeå cooperate under the leadership of Simka to shape and fashion living trees placed on large buoys on the Umeälven river. This cultural exchange is carried out by the group in all three Baltic cities. The project is part of River Stories.

Friday Jun 20 2014 16:00 - 17:00 Döbeln's park

Organizer: Umeå2014

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