Thursday Apr 24 2014 12:10 - 12:50


Attention: Book release as well! (read more here)

The National Public Art Council of Sweden (Statens konstråd), Akademiska hus and Umeå University have co-produced a new printed art brochure and guide for Umeå University. The Swedish title is Konstvandring på Umeå universitet. En guide till konsten på campus (English: Walking art tour at Umeå University. A campus art guide). A digital version will also be available in the form of a web app for smart phones. The unique art guide book will be on sale at a discounted price, so bring cash!

The country band HALM was formed in 2009 and consists of four girls from villages close to Umeå. In 2013 they joined a music-competition called Livekarusellen. They won the district final, and headed down to Malmö to represent Västerbotten in the national finals. They ended up in 2nd place out of 600 bands.

In the autumn of 2013 they spent time in the studio to record their first EP. We are now very proud to present them at Culture on campus!

Lisa – vocals, piano, mandolin
Johanna – vocals, banjo
Maja – vocals, double bass
Linnéa – vocals guitar

Thursday Apr 24 2014 12:10 - 12:50 Umeå university, ljusgården i Lärarutbildningshuset

Organizer: Culture on campus
Part of a project: Culture on Campus
More information: http:/­/­­english/­about-umu/­news-events/­campus-culture?languageId=1
Peter Andersson

Visiting information for Umeå university, ljusgården i Lärarutbildningshuset

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