Saturday Sep 6 2014

Horse Event Vilhelmina

A day for the whole family and everyone who likes horses!
At Vilhelmina Horsearena at 10.00-15.00
Shows from VRK with:
– Tina Söderberg
– Maggan Beck-Ericsson, jumping
– Emily Stighall, dressage
– Emil Eriksson, archery on horse
In addition you can find horse flea market, pentathlon, wheels of fortune, small animals and som coffee and lighter food.
Welcome to a whole day with horses!

Saturday Sep 6 2014 Vilhelmina

Organizer: Vilhelmina Ridklubb
Part of a project: 8 seasons, 8 sports, 8 events
Jessica Hansson
Tfn 0930-104 30

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