Wednesday Aug 6 2014 19:00 - 21:30
Choral music and exhibition

In the forest the elves have disappeared

The German choir “De tokiga trollen” (the looney trolls) from Leverkusen (near Cologne), conducted by Denise Weltken, put together a program of songs, poems and an exhibition.
The peculiar thing about this mixed a capella choir, they sing in Swedish. The reason is not that they are Swedes living abroad but they have a strong interest in Sweden and Swedish. They come from different countries but have found a common interest in the Swedish language and Swedish choral music. Read more about them and listen to samples of their songs on The song programme for Umeå includes but is not limited to Swedish lyrical songs by Bent Leijon, Albert Runbäck, Arne Castell, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Mats Paulson mixed-up with some romantic German pieces about forests.
However, the program is both a cultural contribution and support for a Swedish forest protection project! The exhibition displays images of ancient German forests and poetic text panels. Revenues of the project will be used to support “Iglekärrs gamleskog” (30 km north of Gothenburg), located right in the middle of the distance between Leverkusen and Umeå! The choir would like to support this forest project to get as much as possible involved and be part of this “people connecting European troll forest”.In northern Sweden’s deep woods, there are still some ancient natural forests where trolls and water spirits, fairies and elves breathe the clear air. The forests of Central Europe are of an entirely different nature; broadleaved trees, thick trunks, old leaves covering the ground – but, in these forests elves have disappeared! Ancient forests hardly exist and old forests are very small and rare. Only at a few lonely hidden spots one still can get the feeling of how the deciduous forest used to be. …You may have a look at the exhibition “Nemoralis and Borealis: a meeting” on the choir’s website, if you have no chance to attend the concert.First of all, the choir hopes that their guests appreciate the music, the lyrics and the images and donate generously to the project. Secondly, the images and text panels are also put up for sale, 1,000 SEK each, contributing directly to the forest project.Culture friends, friends of forests, forest culture: This is the choir’s vision for their Umeå2014 project – so that the elves will return!

Free admission, the collections favours Iglekärrs gammelskog.

Wednesday Aug 6 2014 19:00 - 21:30 Umeå City Church

Organizer: De tokiga trollen
Frank Baldus

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