Sön sep 7 - sön nov 2 2014

Searching for Smooth Space

Opening Sunday 7 September at 14:00

Architect and artist collective Felleskapsprosjektet å Fortette Byen [The Collective Project for the Densification of the City] explores the boundaries between the individuals space of expression and the collectives right of public access. They perform temporary projects, events and installations in public spaces – this time Umeå – to create a platform for creative participation by looking at architecture as a social and value-building process.

Joar Nango (f. 1979), architect and artist, Tromsø, Norway
Eystein Talleraas (f. 1980) architect, Oslo, Norway.
Håvard Arnhoff (f. 1979) architect, Oslo, Norway.

Sön sep 7 - sön nov 2 2014 Bildmuseet

Arrangör: Bildmuseet
Del av projekt: Eight Sami artists
Mer info: http:/­/­www.bildmuseet.umu.se/­english

Besöksinformation för Bildmuseet

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