Monday Feb 10 2014 12:10 - 12:50
Culture in medical care

A box of culture and health

Seminar in Swedish on kulturhälsobox (“the box of culture and health”), which is a series of books, each representing different cultural health areas : dance, music, theatre, film, voice and image and stillness exercises. The aim is to spread knowledge about the use of culture in health care and about how healthcare facilities in Sweden can use cultural activities for sustainable health.

Monday Feb 10 2014 12:10 - 12:50 Umeå University, "ljusgården" in the Caring Sciences Building

Organizer: Faculty of Medicine, Umeå University
Inger Öster, Dept. of Nursing - tel +4690-786 98 60
Birgitta Englund, Dept. of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation - tel +4690-786 98 98
Eva Bojner Horwitz, project leader - tel +4670-586 36 94.

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