Fri Sep 19 - Sun Sep 21 2014
Role play convention

LARP Lab 2

Role play convention with participants from associations around the north of Sweden.

LARP, or live action role playing, is an interactive game activity where participants work together to create a story with their characters. It is like improvisational theater, the difference is that everyone participate together in a creative activity and there are no audience or script. At this event, there will be seven scenarios in different genres and three workshops that are designed to inspire but also help participants develop their interest in LARP.

The event is aimed at both young and old, and will be an opportunity to meet new friends while being creative together.

Fri Sep 19 - Sun Sep 21 2014 Kulturhuset Klossen

Organizer: Gaia-projektet
Lina Gullbrand
+46 73-096 92 21

Visiting information for Kulturhuset Klossen

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