Fri Jan 31 - Sun Feb 2 2014
Opening Weekend

Lit City

During the Opening Weekend, Lit City illuminates central Umeå with a unique array of light. The light sculptors Lumination of Sweden, that previously, among other things, created the programme Umeå Höstljust (Umeå Autumn Light), look to the future by firstly dousing and then lighting up the city in a way never seen before.

In Lit City, darkness is a fellow-player. Rådhusesplanaden and the city centre are transformed by their new lighting. Buildings and happenings are set in light, and through it all a laser beam shoots over our heads.

And the lighting itself, naturally, inspires creativity and new works of art in public spaces.

Design: Lumination of Sweden & Tobias Hallgren

Lit City is the work of Lumination of Sweden, which has designed the city’s light setting together with Umeå municipality and Umeå2014. Lumination of Sweden is today involved in the lighting for all the most significant events in the country and has a comprehensive network of experienced and skilful partners in Sweden and Europe.

Lumination of Sweden is very familiar with Umeå’s institutes and artists. The city is also well known to them since they led the project and compiled the programme for the light festival Umeå Höstljus 2013.

Tobias Hallgren is responsible for the Lit City project for Lumination of Sweden. Hallgren has a background as a dancer and was educated at the Balettakademien in Stockholm and Rotterdamse Dansacademie, Holland. From here he went on to light design and founded Lumination of Sweden.

Friday Jan 31 2014 14:00 - 02:00 Central Umeå
Saturday Feb 1 2014 02:01 - 02:00 Central Umeå
Sunday Feb 2 2014 02:01 - 16:00 Central Umeå

Organizer: Umeå2014
Curator Tobias Hallgren

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