Sat Sep 20 - Sat Oct 18 2014
Survival Kit

Magdalena Dziurlikowska

Magdalena Dziurlikowska is one of many artists participating in the big art festival Survival Kit in Umeå Sept 20 – Oct 19. In three different films she will explore her relationship to her mother. She observes her self with a sharp eye, black humour and serious depth.

Magdalena Dziurlikowska about her films:

Mother of Pearl, 22 min, 2013
In the film Mother of Pearl I act both as myself and my mother. I bought a wig and wore her clothes, what she usually tells me I am now telling to myself. Our conversations often end up in conflicts that seem bizarre for an outsider but all the dialogue in the film also took place in real life.

Porcelain Princess, 20 min, 2013
In the film Porcelain Princess me and my mother talk, we don’t agree, laugh at ourselves, get angry and make up. Scenes from our daily lives are mixed with interviews where we either talk by ourselves or in dialogue with each other. The conversations partly overlap the topic in Mother of Pearl but interchange in another way.

The Polish Palace, 16 min, 2013
The film The Polish Palace tells the background about the relation between me and my mother. Stories about Poland interlace with the memory of the great voyage we did when we shifted country. We look back at our lives and try to find a common story.

Visit the exhibition room Vita Kuben during to see the films. Vita Kuben is situated in NorrlandsOperan on top of the restaurant.

Opening hours are:

Mon–Wed 11.00–13.00
Thur 11.00–13.30 samt 17.00–20.00
Fri 11.00–13.30 samt 16.00–20.00
Sat 17.00–20.00

Survival Kit Umeå is an international contemporary art festival exploring the theme of local and global survival. The month-long festival is filled with visual art, music, food and film as well as discussions, seminars and lectures by invited artists and activists. The festival runs in collaboration with Survival Kit 6 in Riga. This year, when the two cities are European Culture Capitals, there will be two parallel Survival Kit Festivals, first in Riga followed by Umeå.

Read more on Survival Kit Web site.

Sat Sep 20 - Sat Oct 18 2014 NorrlandsOperan

Organizer: NorrlandsOperan, Vita Kuben
Part of a project: Survival Kit
More information: http:/­/­­eng/­events/­0920-vernissage_magdalena-dziurlikowska/­6701
Helena Wikström
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