Friday Jul 18 2014 23:59 - 01:15
Live @ U x U

Markus Krunegård

Since the release of Markus Krunegårds first solo album Markusevangeliet from 2008, his success story has remained constant. He won the award for best Swedish solo artist chosen by the readers of Gaffa magazine in 2012. In the spring of 2014, we are looking forward to a new album by Markus Krunegård. Markus says that the upcoming album has more energy and madness compared to his previous four albums. The first single ‘Du stör dig hårt på mig’ went straight in to the radio station P3s A rotation.

The concert is a part of U x U Festival and requires a ticket that can be bought here.

Friday Jul 18 2014 23:59 - 01:15 Hedlunda park

Organizer: Non-profit organization U x U Festival
Part of a project: U x U Festival
More information: http:/­/­­en/­
Victor Hillebjörk
070-319 36 29

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