Fri May 2 - Sun Jul 27 2014
Guest exhibition

Mixtape - A Kasitonni & M Stereo

What is it that connects Whitney Houston and Axl Rose, Girl Power and Heavy Metal logos plus glossy cardboard guitars with a bunch of pedals? This odd combination forms Mixtape, an art exhibition by Maria Stereo and Anssi Kasitonni shown in Guitars – the Museum’s guest showrooms the summer of 2014.

The music in all its forms plays a central role in Anssi Kasitonni’s and Maria Stereo’s art. The versatile artist-couple is inspired by both the music itself and the culture around it. In their art, one encounters both kitschy fan images and heavy metal logos as well as large or small instruments made of various materials. Kasitonni’s and Stereo’s art is an interesting mix of different media. Materials such as cardboard, metal, paper and ceramics are common and they are used inventively in drawings, sculptures, installations, films and assemblages. In Mixtape, which is shown in the museum’s guest showrooms, one is faced with a unique medley of artwork inspired by the music and the museum’s collections. The visitor enters a world that is a tribute to the pop and rock culture, where different genres of music as well as in the visual arts are mixed in an intriguing way. Characteristic of the works in Mixtape is that they are playful and joyous while at the same time providing a deeper perspective to music culture and the creation of music itself. How does the music feel? What kind of memories are stirred or created by the music? What roles do the music and the fan culture have in identity construction?

In both Anssi Kasitonni’s and Maria Stereo’s works music, popular culture and memories of their youth play a central role. Kasitonni is a filmmaker and a sculptor. Stereo works with drawing, painting and assemblage. The pair also constitutes Stereo 8000, a band playing energetic garage rock. For Kasitonni and Stereo music and visual arts are creative expressions that can not always be distinguished from one another. In their art are the enthusiasm and passion for music as well as the joy of creativity clearly seen. Anssi Kasitonni (1978) and Maria Stereo (1979) live and work in Sahanlahti, Finland. Kasitonni graduated in 2003 from the Art Academy (Konstakademin) in Lahti. In 2011 he won Finland’s most prestigious art award, Ars Fennica. Kasitonni’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums both in Finland and abroad. Maria Stereo graduated in 2011 from the Art Academy (Konstakademin) in Tampere and her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Finland. Together, the couple are also releasing a new album under the name Stereo 8000 in late February, 2014.

For more information and press images please contact the Finnish Institute’s cultural producer Raila Tapio:, +46 (0)8 545 212 03.

The exhibition is produced by the Finnish Institute in cooperation with Guitars – the Museum in Umeå, Sweden. The Finnish Institute is a cultural institution whose mission is to introduce Finnish culture in Sweden, to deepen the bilateral relations between Sweden and Finland, and to advance the Swedish-Finnish minority language and culture.

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Fri May 2 - Sun Jul 27 2014 Guitars

Part of a project: Guitars - The Museum
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Raila Tapio, producer.
+46 8 545 212 03

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