Wed Jul 9 - Sun Jul 13 2014
Book reading with drums


A short story from Brobyggarna (“Bringde builders”) by Sune Jonsson is read aloud accompanied by dynamic and powerful drumming.

“During the fall, Motor-Jonsson was a genuine seeker. His body started to show weaknesses which to him felt fatal and life threatening. His thoughts were often about death.”

The story is about amotor-engine draisine driver who wants salvation to be a peaceful bridge connecting life with death.

Interpreted by Marianne Folkedotter and Hannes Sigfridsson.

The performance is a collaboration between Västerbottens museum, Norrlandsoperan and Västerbottensteatern.

Text and music: Peter Engkvist and Joakim Milder.

Image: Marianne Folkedotter and Hannes Sigfridsson. Photo: Emelie Sigfridsson.

Wednesday Jul 9 2014 Vilhelmina
Friday Jul 11 2014 Umeå Energicentrum
Sunday Jul 13 2014 Olofsfors bruk, Nordmaling

Organizer: River Stories (NorrlandsOperan)
Part of a project: River Stories

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