Sat Mar 1 - Sun Mar 2 2014
Free screenings

MOVE shows films during The Sami Week

Saturday 1 march at 13.00

Torkel Lundberg & Björnola Lind – 28 min – Sami / Swedish , English subtitles .
After the last ice age red moose where painted and carved on rocks in northern Scandinavia and. Among Sami and other northern peoples the myth of the cosmic moose and a sacred color lives on.

Liselotte Wajstedt – 16 min – Sami / Swedish , English subtitles.
This is a road movie in Sami environment about 17 -year-old Jorinda. The film is set in a magnificent landscape. During the trip Jorinda encounter resistance in the form of a snowstorm and she is about to freeze to death. But the real enemy is really in Jorinda herself, she has to find her own strength and begin to take charge of her own life.

Saturday 1 march at 15.00

THE FIFTEENTH CHIEFTAIN – Richard Hobert – 1992 – 128 min
Drama by Richard Hobert about the Swedish historical and contemporary exploitation of the Sami people and the limits of democracy.

Sunday 2 march at 15.00

THE HOLY IN FUR – Swedish premiere!
Torkel Lundberg & Björnola Lind – 58 min – Sami / Finnish / Swedish , Swedish text.
This film reflects on the old relationship built on deep mutual respect between human/bear and the whole existence.

Saturday Mar 1 2014 13:00 - 17:15 Folkets bio
Sunday Mar 2 2014 15:00 - 16:00 Folkets bio

Organizer: Folkets Bio Umeå
Part of a project: Umeå European Film Festival

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