Torsdag nov 13 2014 20:00 - 23:00

MSP - Days of my youth

DAYS OF MY YOUTH examines skiing as a way of life, offering a glimpse into the journey of self-discovery that every skier takes. Traveling the globe, the film looks through the lens in a new way and captures moments that define the cutting-edge of what is possible on skis. From nearly impossible descents in Alaska to massive terrain features with U.S. Olympian Bobby Brown, DAYS OF MY YOUTH showcases the best action of the last two years all rolled into one incredible film. With narration from the famed and prolific Alan Watts alongside profound insights from modern-day skiing superstars, this movie defines what it means to be a skier.

Torsdag nov 13 2014 20:00 - 23:00 Filmstaden

Arrangör: Ski For Fun + SkiUmeå
Del av projekt: SkiUmeå2014
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Anders Sandström

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