Tue Aug 26 - Thu Aug 28 2014
Fifth meeting

Nordic Molecular Medicine Network 2014

Fifth Meeting of the Nordic Molecular Medicine Network – NMMN 2014



• The Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway NCMM, Oslo, Norge
• Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, Helsingfors, Finland
• Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience DANDRITE, Aarhus, Danmark
• European Molecular Biology Laboratory EMBL, Heidelberg, Tyskland
• Humlab is planning an exhibition: ”Art in Science”.

Tuesday Aug 26 2014 Aula Nordica
Wednesday Aug 27 2014 Aula Nordica
Thursday Aug 28 2014 Aula Nordica

Organizer: MIMS, Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden
More information: http:/­/­www.mims.umu.se/­en/­nordic-network.html
Eva-Maria Diehl
+46 73-088 57 31

Visiting information for Aula Nordica

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