Tor sep 4 - sön sep 14 2014

Mining in Rönnbäck - Gállok - Ojnare

Exhibition about the protests against mining in Jokkmokk, Gállok in the summer of 2013 where activists used art installations, performances and poetry. The exhibition is a collaboration between networks and the Sami villages Sirges and Jåhkågasskas also participate to show how their reindeer herding is threatened.

At the inauguration of the exhibition on September 4 there will be music by Sofia Jannok, Mirja Palo, Astrid Tuorda and Norrlåtar. Mario Lopez, who is the leader of the Maya network Waqib ’Kej in Guatemala, will also come to the opening.

Tor sep 4 - sön sep 14 2014 Tráhppie, Gammlia

Johanna Lindberg
Urbergsgruppen Sverige
+46 70-682 77 86

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