Thursday May 22 2014 12:10 - 12:50


Place: The Campus Pond

If inclement weather:
Ljusgården atrium, Teacher Education Building

Things have happened rapidy for Partiet. After less than one year the band is a major figure in the Swedish reggae scene. They have received tremndous praise by bloggers, journalists and festival attendees, and have toured in Sweden and Europe. No venue is too small or big for Partiet, who have performed at some of the leading festivals but also in living rooms and on the street.

During 2012, Partiet travelled around a played on streets, from Trondheim in Norway to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  During these travels the band invented the unique concept known as “reggae drive-by”, which is based on the band rigging up their instruments inside a van, driving around and always stopping to perform to crowds. After a hectic first year with over 110 gigs, Partiet has reached the next gear. The summer of 2013 was another period of intense touring. But now the band had left the sidewalk scene for the bigger festivals and club scenes.

In 2013, Partiet released their first full-length album: Kulturpolitik and they recently released a new EP titled Supervalåret

Thursday May 22 2014 12:10 - 12:50 Umeå University

Organizer: Culture on campus
Part of a project: Culture on Campus
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Peter Andersson
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