Lördag mar 15 2014 19:00 - 21:00
Performance event

Joakim Stampe - Bahareh Mirhadi - Kajsa Sandström

An evening of performance. Three artists will perform a solo piece each inside and outside Verkligheten.

The admission is free, welcome!

Kajsa Sandström

Kajsa Sandström received her education from PARTS, Brussels and is working as a choreographer and a dancer. She has during the last several years created productions of her own and in collaboration with other artists. Her investigation of relations between movement and image and the meeting between dancer and audience has led to the solo pieces ’I need a witness to perform’ 2009, ’In the Mirror- A solo choreography in the footsteps of Maya Deren’ 2010 and ’These Images Are Written On My Body’ 2013. As a dancer Kajsa has worked with choreographers in Belgium, France and this past autumn 2013 in Weld Company, Stockholm. At the moment she is studying video at the Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm 2013-14. www.kajsasandstrom.se

Joakim Stampe

Joakim Stampe is today one of Sweden’s leading performance artists. Since 2006 he has created more than 100 performance pieces and is regularly invited to festivals and events all over the world. He has presented works in over fifteen countries in Europe and Asia as well as North- and South America.
Renewal is a keyword in his practice. He endeavours to continually renew and find new material and create his own object world in a need to go beyond the traditional and worn out materials being used in contemporary performance. If renewal is a keyword in his practice, he puts his faith in his own intuition and imagination in the creative process, guided by the objects he uses, or doesn’t use.
The poetic images he creates in a kind of assemblage form can sometimes tell a story. Whether it concerns his own personal background, politics, occurrences in society or both, he creates images that are sometimes conceptual and always emotionally engaging.

Bahareh Mirhadi

I am an Iranian female artist who is currently living in Malmö, Sweden. I got my bachelor in Painting from Bahonar University in Kerman, Iran. I continued my education in Umeå Art Academy in Umeå, Sweden and graduated in Master of Fine Arts in 2012.

My main idea and concentration is on the private and public space, the border between these two spaces, and the different events which take place in public and private space. And which elements and happenings can impact on this issue. Passing from the privacy to publicity, entering another individual to your privacy space, exiting from your homeland to a foreign country, and many big and small happenings in every person’s life can be involved in the this idea. I am trying to show the impacts of these ordinary and sometimes special happenings in my works, the contradiction between these two spaces and the factors that change our spaces like society, culture, politic, family, modern media and so on.

My works include paintings, videos, video installations and mixed media. I am currently doing research for my next video project. www.baharehmirhadi.com

Lördag mar 15 2014 19:00 - 21:00 Verkligheten Art Space

Arrangör: Verkligheten
Pilgatan 16


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