Lördag sep 13 2014 15:30 - 16:00
Art in church


A new video installation by the Danish artist Eva Koch on the Ålidhem church wall. The video loop duration (sound covering 4 visual loops) is 6 min. 30 sec.

”A lighthouse is the seamen’s guide, a serie of bright flashes tells the man on the sea that the coast is right ahead, and that she should set her course straight ahead. For those who have been far out on the sea the light of the beacon feels like a greating, the first sign of land ahead.

The focus is on the lighthouse, the origin of the light that is so widely spread.

Sound is an important part of the installation. The roaring sound of the ocean waves as well as the ticking sound of the lighthouse machinery that controlls the light and manifests itself in the composition.

Eva Koch’s installation could be viewed as an image of the human need for orientation in life, yes, a wish for light in the darkness.

The combination of pictures of the light in detail as well as in overview together with the sounds of the endless ocean and the ticking time, a count-down of life itself, provides a strong and immediate experience of mankind at the edge between now and eternity.”

Photo and sound: Niels Plenge
Photo editing: Anja Farsig
Sound editing: Lea Korsgaard
Colour editing: Henrik Lago
Danish original text: Mai Misfeldt

Pharos is part of the project Contemporary art meet the church is presented by Church of Sweden in Umeå, Sensus and Umeå2014. This work will be displayed in the Ålidhem Church until December 21. It is part of the project ”The Beacon”, where four artists each create a new work in one of four churches. Read more about the other artworks here.


About Eva Koch

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark. 1992
University of Barcelona, Department of Fine Arts, Spain. 1989

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Bergen Kunsthall, Norway
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1998   NoMad, Kunstforeningen Gamle Strand, Copenhagen. (Cat)
1997   Portrait of a Woman, Bill Board series of 9. Oslo, Norway
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Selected group exhibitions
2014   ”You Imagine What You Desire”, 19’th Biennale of Sydney, Australia. (Cat)
2013   Social Videoscapes from the North, Artibus, Ekenäs, Finland. (Cat)
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Lördag sep 13 2014 15:30 - 16:00 Ålidhem Church

Arrangör: Church of Sweden, Umeå
Del av projekt: The Beacon
Stina Dahlgren, stina.dahlgren@svenskakyrkan.se,
curator Anna Kristensen, anna@annakristensen.com

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