Fre apr 4 - sön apr 13 2014
Contemporary art

Put yourself in my place

Milijana Babic and Ida Hansson are two artists who developed their own methodologies for understanding differences in how society approaches art, through a specific long term
continuous performance of swopping lives. By entering the life of the other, they did not play
some kind of imitation game, but brought their own personalities into a different context.
They have remained the same persons, examining how this new environment affected both
them, and their work. Life threads of one artist became interwoven with the life threads of
another artist.

The exhibition takes place on the whole second floor in an empty residental building at Skolgatan 91 – neighbour to Verkligheten Artspace and next to the Bookcafé Pilgatan.
The opening occurs simultaneously, in a spirit of commonality, with the opening of Josefin Bergman’s show at Verkligheten. Both places open at friday 7 pm, April 4th.

The exhibition ends April 13th, at 4 pm. As with all events at Verkligheten, this show has no entrance fee.


Fre apr 4 - sön apr 13 2014 Verkligheten Art Space

Arrangör: Corners - Drugo more / Intercult / Exodos / Verkligheten
Del av projekt: Corners
Mer info: http:/­/­­events/­
A Corners of Europe production, by:
Drugo more (Rijeka, Croatia) Intercult (Stockholm, Sweden) in collaboration with Umeå 2014
Production coordinator: Nataša Zavolovšek, Exodos
Local coordinator: Alexander Svartvatten, Verkligheten -

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