Tuesday Sep 23 2014
Lesbian power

Rådhustorget - a lesbian space

Kvalitetsteatern in cooperation with Queering Sápmi, Konstfrämjandet, MYCKET & Lesbisk Makt is presenting:

? ? ? A LESBIAN SPACE: Rådhustorget, Umeå ? ? ?

A 16 hour long lesbian occupation of the public space, with lesbian art, performance, discussions, hang outs, derby, graffiti, party, lectures, breakfast, sound, interactivity, horses, dance and love.

A LESBIAN SPACE is a space where the lesbian is norm.
A LESBIAN SPACE is visions and secrets.
A LESBIAN SPACE is sound. Or silence.
A LESBIAN SPACE is a meeting, or many.
A LESBIAN SPACE is taking over the space.

Lesbian breakfast, harlequin performance, sami dyke-quotes, Frida Selander, lesbian stortyelling café, writing the lesbian history of Umeå through the lesbian generations, lecture of Annika Karlsson Rixon, lesbian party, karaoke and

******** LESBIAN RITUALS ********

Three specially designed lesbian pieces of art;

“I am not lesbian but I carry lesbian memories”  – sound art by the genius Sabina Husberg Götlind.
“Your Lesbian Life: Part 1″ – interactive sound performance by Lisa Färnström, Laura Wihlborg and Robin N Spegel.
An interactive future-performance by queer genius choreographer Karina Sarkissova.

“A lesbian space” is organized by Kvalitetsteatern in cooperation with Queering Sápmi, Konstfrämjandet, non profit powers from Umeå, MYCKET, Lesbisk makt and all contributing artists. The project is supported and financed by Kulturbryggan, Ungdomsstyrelsen Ung och Aktiv i Europa och Umeå Stad.


Tuesday Sep 23 2014 Town Hall Square

Organizer: Queering Sápmi, Kvalitetsteatern, Konstfrämjandet, MYCKET & Lesbisk Makt
Part of a project: Queering Sápmi
Elfrida Bergman - 0709 38 14 75, elfrida@sirkla.se

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