Sat Aug 16 - Sun Aug 31 2014

River Film Stories

Imagine sitting on the riverbank. By the river is a huge screen. There you are, sitting, watching a movie. Maybe you have a cup of coffee in your hand, maybe a treat. At the same time, the river runs along, close by, surrounding you and the screen.

Along four rivers, at six different locations in Västerbotten, films will be screened during the summer of 2014, depicting the importance of the river to the area and people in the vicinity.

The films are screened outside by the riverside, creating a unique setting where the rivers and the settings are experienced both through the film as well as the surrounding environments.

The River Film Stories tour is active througout August.

Co-production by Folkets Bio UmeåFilm i VästerbottenRiver Stories/NorrlandsOperan and involved municipalities.

Saturday Aug 16 2014 21:00 - 23:59 Vännäsby
Sunday Aug 17 2014 21:00 - 23:59 Vindeln
Saturday Aug 23 2014 19:00 - 23:59 Umeå Energicentrum
Sunday Aug 24 2014 21:00 - 23:59 Vilhelmina
Saturday Aug 30 2014 21:00 - 23:59 Sorsele
Sunday Aug 31 2014 21:00 - 23:59 Skellefteå

Part of a project: River Stories

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