Tuesday Feb 25 2014 09:30 - 17:00
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Robin Hunicke speaks at GameDev 2014

Welcome to GameDev 2014.

This is the third time GameDev Conference is arranged and we think it is the most exciting so far! GameDev 2014 will bring together game developers in northern Sweden, Finland and Norway to socialize, exchange information, listen to interesting lectures and discuss the next step in the development of new innovative games.

The previous events have been fun as well as successful, with developers from the north of Finland and Sweden. Last time we had about 100 independent game developers that participated.

You can look forward to a really inspirational day, with excellent speakers, new contacts and for all the CEO:s, – an exclusive Executive Lunch. To round things up we throw a huge party, where everyone get a chance to get to know each other, discuss collaborations and talk about what we feel most passionate about, games!



Emcee of GameDev Conference 2014. Angelica Norgren is the host of radio show P3 Spel where she every Saturday on Swedish national radio puts gaming in focus and talks about things like the thrill of an “epic win”, how a perfect puzzle looks or in which ways games can make us better people.


Robin started her career at Electronic Arts, where she among other things were Lead Designer and producer on titles like The Sims 2 and My Sims and also the puzzle game Boom Blox. After that she started at the respected indie company thatgamecompany were she produced the well-acclaimed PlayStation 3-title Journey. The game has stunning visuals, haunting music, and unique online gameplay and is about life, death and love. With a Meta Critic average on 92 out of 100 and a record as the fastest selling game on PlayStation Store in both North America and Europe it is clear that Journey became both a favourite among game critics and a big sale hit.


Johan started his career as writer and designer at Target Games with pen-and-paper titles like Mutant and Kilt. Later he worked as an agent for game studios like Ninja Theory (Enslaved, Devil May Cry) and Black Hole Entertainment (Warhammer Mark of Chaos, Heroes of Might and Magic). Johan is now working at Paradox Interactive and will talk about how you make the perfect pitch for your game.


Anjin Anhut is a self-taught designer with a decade of creating games, comics, apps, art and advertising, as a freelancer and with his co-founded game company. He teaches game design and game art in Berlin Germany and is the mind behind howtonotsuckatgamedesign.com. The site started in 2010 as a place to write down stray thoughts and share his work but since has grown into a widely used resource for a community of gamers, artists, game creators and game critics. From the perspective of a designer, teacher and eternal student himself, Anjin critically examines gaming culture and works to equip the gaming community with the tools they need to make a positive impact on games and with games.

He is going to make a case for remembering games as a medium with artistic merit, deep meaning and social relevance, and invites you to make that powerful medium accessible to everybody. Because games deserve diverse influences and diverse people deserve engaging games.


Jussi started his career in 2006 by starting his own game studio, only third one in Oulu. During his career he has been a designer for 7 games and as a business coach in Oulu Game Lab he has helped 8 new game companies get established in Oulu. In GameDev he will be talking about his latest ventures in Viima Games – a fresh startup whose first release got 8 million downloads in just 1½ months.


An indie developer’s tale about the trials and tribulations in the volatile mobile games industry. Level Eight, based in Umeå, was noted as one of the most interesting new game studios in Europe according to Develop 100 European Start-ups list. Earlier titles are Robbery Bob, Mega stunt and Modern Command.

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Tuesday Feb 25 2014 09:30 - 17:00 Studion, Umeå folkets hus

Organizer: FilmArc, Dohi Sweden, HumLab
More information: http:/­/­www.dohi.se/­gamedev/­
Johan Lundkvist, FilmArc
+4690-16 37 64
+4670-241 34 37

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