Saturday May 10 2014 10:30 - 19:00
Världens liv

Season inauguration in Härnösand

The third season of the Umeå2014 European Capital of Culture year, spring – Gijrra – is being co-inaugurated by Västernorrland and Umeå. The opening starts in Sundsvall and Umeå on 30 April, followed by Örnsköldsvik on 3 May and Härnösand on 10 May.

Härnösand has put together a rich program of activities valled Världens Liv, focusing on co-creation. Everything takes place in the area surrounding the theater and Technichus Science Center, as well as on the town square.

The program is a mix of professionals and amateurs, poetry, crafts, theater, dance, photo, opera and food culture. There will also be lots of activitites for children.

All the details (in Swedish)

Saturday May 10 2014 10:30 - 19:00 Stora torget, Härnösand

Organizer: Härnösand municipality
Tina Svingstedt
+4673-275 47 53

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