Fredag okt 10 2014 21:00 - 23:00
Yoik concert

Sara Ajnnak

Releaseconcert at Tráhppie.

Sara Ajnnak; a new sami yoiker from Västerbotten is releasing her first album in October. She is performing together with musician Fred Endresen.

Sara Ajnnak is a new rising star in the Sami cultural scene. With a background in the Västerbottnian mountains and the Sami culture she finds her inspiration within the passing of the seasons.
During this autumn Sara Ajnnak is debuting with her first album named Suojggat which has been uniquely touched by her southern yoik.
Sara creates something personal where the traditional is mixed with modern blues which is her tool to express both difficult topics as well as personal memories.
In a free and creative way Sara Ajnnak along with the musician Fred Endresen promises a unique musical experience.

Entrance fee: 80 SKR

The café will open 19.30
Wine and beer sold at store prices.

Entry: 80 SEK, members 50 SEK

Fredag okt 10 2014 21:00 - 23:00 Tráhppie, Gammlia

Arrangör: Såhkie Umeå Sami Association
Del av projekt: Tráhppie - Sámi culture house
Mer info: https:/­/­­events/­1489852281263263/­

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