Sunday Oct 5 2014 09:00 - 19:00

Sharing Waters

Join artists Christina Houghton (Auckland, New Zealand) and Johannes Blomqvist (Umeå) for an Oceanic exchange between the Pacific Ocean and the Baltic Sea.

A full day performance event including a guided tour on the Norrfjärden-Holmön ferry crossing, an island picnic and adventure activities.

Departure from your home at 09:00, return 19:00.
Free of charge, but only 7 seats available!
Sign up: Send an email to

The event is supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


Through personal encounters with two artists Sharing Waters explores ecological, social and political relations as an Oceanic exchange between the Pacific Ocean and the Baltic Sea. Combining somatic sensory and conversational activities this journey embraces places in-between, unstable terrains, turbulance and the unknown. We ask how do you weather rough conditions? Perhaps eating good food, talking to each other, remembering stable things in your life?

As you the audience become part of this journey, new relational ways of being together are created through empathy and connectivity. Shared stories and experiences contribute to an accumulation of Actions for Living that become survival tactics in times of environmental uncertainty.


Sharing Waters is an ongoing collaboration between Christina Houghton (Ak) and Johannes Blomqvist (Umeå). After meeting in 2012 in Auckland New Zealand they have combined their performance interests in sensory encounters and ecological performance to create intimate performance tours that open spaces for sharing and empathetic relations between performer, guide and participant.

Christina Houghton is a New Zealand dance/performance artist and teacher (based in Auckland) whose performance work spans across the disciplines of choreography, ecology and art. Her previous work has explored water issues and is now includes survival and island biography. Sharing Waters 2014 follows on from Actions for Living (AUT 2014), Survival Tours (Festival of Uncertainty, 2014) Going Bush (Action Delay Symposium, 2014) Eco Shop (Dunedin Fringe, 2014) and Water Slides (TEMPO 2012). Christina has recently been invited to present Walking Weather Systems at the Prague Quadrennial in 2015.

Johannes Blomqvist is a performance and live artist, organizer and teacher based in Umeå where he runs the performance art platform PAiN (Performance Art in the North). He lectures at different art, dance- and theatre schools and has shown his own work all around the world. Blomqvist is interested in different ways of sharing his work with the audience, through sensory experiences, communication and trust as site-specific community based projects.

Sunday Oct 5 2014 09:00 - 19:00

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