Fri Jan 31 - Sun Feb 2 2014
Opening Weekend

Sápmi Today

During the inauguration of the Capital of Culture year, Rådhustorget, Umeå’s heart, will see a total change of face when Sápmi Today forms it into a Sami center. The fires will burn and stewing cauldrons will bubble.

Researchers, artists, tradition transmitters and creators will fill and activate the square throughout the weekend. Participate in ongoing conversations and in everything regarding daily life, work and leisure.

Those responsible for Sápmi Today have let tradition and new thinking meet to create both a contemporary and futuristic Sami space. Ecology, recycling and spirituality are the principal themes.

There shall be no footprint, and that which is built up shall be taken down, taken to new locations and reused. Only the memory of smells, sounds, beauty and tastes shall remain. The good life!

Producer: Anne Wuolab
Design: Ole Henrik Einejord & Code: architecture

Code: architecture and Ole Henrik Einejord are based in Oslo. Their work is marked by how factors such as landscape, culture, politics, sustainability and economy form our surroundings.

Contributors Sápmi Today
During the Opening Weekend, the following organisations will spread information about the Sami people and culture:

– Slow food Sápmi
– Vaartoe, Center for Sami research (CeSam), Umeå University
– Såhkie, Umeå Sami Society
Svenska samers riksförbund
– Renägarförbundet

The Sami arrangement comprises the following parts:

– Loaidu (North Sami), seating and resting places in Sami tents.
– Sájvva (Lule Sami) / Saajve (South Sami), the hereditory, holy place, where everything is bigger and better than in the human world.
– Buörrie viessuome (Ume Sami), the good life.

Nicolai Dunger with friends visiting Sápmi Today
At 13.00 on Saturday, the reindeer caravan with the artists Nicolai Dunger, Daniel Wikslund and Katarina Barruk will enter Sápmi Today at Rådhustorget in Umeå. At Saturday night, 22.00, they will be giving a concert during Midwinter Jazz at Umeå Jazz Studio. Read more.

Friday Jan 31 2014 14:00 - 02:00 Town Hall Square
Saturday Feb 1 2014 02:01 - 02:00 Town Hall Square
Sunday Feb 2 2014 02:01 - 16:00 Town Hall Square

Organizer: Umeå2014
Producer Anne Wuolab
+46 72 588 28 86

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