Tue Jun 17 - Sun Aug 17 2014

Stina Malmqvist / Observation

Trailer Gallery is a mobile art gallery.

The gallery is constructed on wheels which makes it possible to bring exhibitions to non-art spaces where it meets a new audience.

Trailer Gallery presents Stina Malmqvist’s most recent piece called Observation. A work that takes written observations from different places as point of departure. Simple notes of what’s going on and what she takes notice of.

When I read my notes it became clear there was a strong resemblance between how I take notice of my surrounding in written form and the way I usually draw the same, resemblance in gesture, form and speed. What started up as a method for discovering the ordinary and mundane in the surroundings had lead into visualizing my own way of looking, the limitations of the viewer. An observation of  observing.

In Malmqvist’s piece the text came first, then the drawing with only the written notes as model(as well as her own memory of the site). But the visitor of this exhibition is invited to make the same kind of observations, as a suggestion by just having a seat at a nice spot close by.

This time Trailer Gallery is located at Umeå Energicentrum at Klabböle.

Opening the 17th of June 18-19.30

Open from 17 of June – 17 of August, daily from 10-17.

Tue Jun 17 - Sun Aug 17 2014 Umeå Energicentrum

Organizer: Trailer Gallery
Part of a project: Trailer Gallery
More information: http:/­/­www.trailergallery.se

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