Fre okt 10 - sön okt 12 2014
Survival Kit at Folkets Bio

Film Days

During these days the central location for the Survival Kit Festival will be at Folkets Bio – The Peoples Cinema. The program will highlight some of the films made by participating artists in our festival together with documentaries and other movies.

We will also add poetry-readings, simple foodserving and a live concert!

The event is free of charge, which also means that that we apply the concept of ”First-come, first-served” (The cinema has room for 50 people – the hang-out-part in the basement takes another ca 50 persons)


Friday Oct 10

17:00 Short films:

19:00-20.30 ”Future my love”, Maja Borg, 93 min.

21:30 Music. Jenny Wrangborg och Stationen

Saturday Oct 11

13:00 ”Paths through Utopia”, Isabelle Fremeaux (Birkbeck), John Jordan and Kypros Kypriano, 108 min

15:15 ”Call me Kuchu”,  Malika Zouhall-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright, 90 min

16.30 – 17.30 Lecture/talk. A conversation with Naome Ruzindana, HBTQ-activist fron Rwanda. Also participant in the film. Language: English.
Naome Ruzindana came out as the first open lesbian in Rwanda at 2003. She’s a feminist and LGBTIQ- activist who has formed several African LGBTIQ-organisations. For some years she was hiding in Uganda and we meet her in the documentary film ”Call me kuchu” as a close friend to David Kato, another LGBTIQ- activist who was murdered in Uganda in 2011. Today Naome works at RFSL Gävleborg as a project leader and consultant for LGBTIQ Newcomers.

18.15 Short films:

20.00  ”Folkbildningsterror

Sunday Oct 12

13:00 ”Dreamland”

15:00 Short films:

18:00 ”Evaporating Borders”

20:00 ”Fantastic planet”, René Laloux, 72min

For further details and other events of Survival Kit, se main page for Survival Kit on Umeå2014, visit our webpage or Facebook group.

Fre okt 10 - sön okt 12 2014 Folkets bio

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