Tisdag maj 27 2014 15:00 - 16:00

Tagga2014 walk

A kind of treasure hunt where two schoolchildren use the wearable computer Google Glass as technical aid to navigate through various challenges along Rådhusesplanaden in Umeå.

Challenges and problems are sent to the glasses when students approach a specific area. By solving these challenges, the students receive clues to the next location where a new challenge awaits.

The event is the final implementation phase of the Tagga2014 project, where students at Umeå University explore the use of Google Glass in a specific learning situation. The students come from the engineering programs Interaction and Design, Engineering Physics and Industrial Management.

The event is a kind of treasure hunt or gamification, where game mechanics are used in situations not usually associated with gaming.

People curious of the project are welcome to attend the event as spectators. We will meet up next to the large Capital of Culture heart on Rådhusesplanaden at 15:00. The event will end with a public indoor presentation of the details behind the project with all participants.

Tisdag maj 27 2014 15:00 - 16:00 Rådhusesplanaden

Arrangör: Eva Mårell-Olsson and Lars Norqvist
Del av projekt: Tagga2014

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