Sat Apr 5 - Sun Apr 6 2014

Finnish speaking women in Sweden

Lectures in Swedish on the topic of wellbeing and equality, from both the minority and the female perspective:

  • Elisabeth Sonntag-Östrom: “The importance of forest surroundings for the rehabilitation of patients with fatigue syndrome”.
  • Anneli Thylin: “Health, strength, power”
  • Paula Ehrnebo: “Results from the study on gender equality among Finnish speaking women in Sweden”.
  • Heli Aarnipuro: “Women’s workplace absence”.

Followed by a panel discussion.


  • Poems by Solja Krapu.
  • Dance-performande from Africa by Jamo Jamo-children
  • Art and handicraft exhibition.
Sat Apr 5 - Sun Apr 6 2014

Organizer: Finnish Club
Heli Aarnipuro
+46 70 216 91 41

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