Fri May 2 2014 - Thu Jan 29 2015
New permanent exhibition


Just imagine, an entire exhibition on textiles! Clothes from past and present, socks, ties, tiny little children’s shoes and huge men’s boots. Fashions and trends, attractive and ugly, techniques, materials and fabric care – everything is included in the new permanent exhibition Textiles which opened in May.

Knowledge about textiles has been essential to human survival down the ages – as protection from the heat and the cold, as a sign of status and as a commodity. This packed exhibition, displaying treasures from our collections, brings this knowledge to the fore while at the same time seeking to increase awareness about modern day textile products and production.

Opening hours:

tu, thu, fri: 11-18, sat-sun: 11-17

Opening hours June 14th-August 24th:

All days 10-17, wednesdays 10-21

Fri May 2 - Sun Dec 21 2014 Västerbotten museum
Tuesday Dec 23 2014 Västerbotten museum
Thu Dec 25 - Tue Dec 30 2014 Västerbotten museum
Thu Jan 1 - Sun Jan 11 2015 Västerbotten museum
Tue Jan 13 - Sun Jan 18 2015 Västerbotten museum
Tue Jan 20 - Sun Jan 25 2015 Västerbotten museum
Tue Jan 27 - Thu Jan 29 2015 Västerbotten museum

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