Fri Jan 31 - Fri Feb 21 2014

The Cabinet and Beyond

Åsa Cederqvist’s work extends across film, sculpture, performance and music to permanent installations.
The Cabinet is shown as an installation consisting of five simultaneously screened video projections.
In most of her works, she has been interested in the artistic process and ways to bypass logic and self-censorship. Her work intends to push the aesthetic hierarchies and taboos and she alternates between researching the different expression of materials and the communication and expectations of a work. Lately, this has evolved into an exploration of genre boundaries.

Exhibition opening 31 January, 7-10 pm.

Fri Jan 31 - Fri Feb 21 2014 Verkligheten Art Space

Organizer: Verkligheten
More information: http:/­/­­index.php?nav=Works&work=15

Visiting information for Verkligheten Art Space

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