Fre jun 13 - sön jun 15 2014

The Nordic Watercolour Festival

Watercolour workshops and exhibition.

The workshop is open to for all watercolor enthusiasts from the Nordic countries, a maximum of 50 participants. It’s lead by invited professional artists with watercolor painting as a specialty, one from each of the Nordic countries.

The invited artists will also present a joint exhibition at the City Library atrium.

In addition to the workshops, participants will be offered talks and demonstrations by the invited artists as well as guided tours of the Umedalen Sculpture Park and the Arts Campus.

Fre jun 13 - sön jun 15 2014

Arrangör: Lars A Persson / Umeå kultur
Del av projekt: 8 x Art
Mer info: http:/­/­
Lars A Persson
070-691 28 30

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