Wed May 21 - Fri May 23 2014

Growth Days

The Growth Days, organized for the fifth consecutive year, is Swedbank’s arena for all who want to create better conditions for local, regional and national growth, entrepreneurship and a sustainable society through long-term solutions. For three days, industry and business community representatives, researchers, students, policy makers and opinion leaders will meet in a series of seminars, talks and spontaneous meetings at the arts campus in Umeå.

The program under Growth Days in Umeå will reflect the developments northern Sweden has undergone in recent years, and clarify the challenges and the opportunities that exist to create sustainable growth. Among the seminar topics is the future importance of the backbone of Swedish core industries development, the structural change and creative industries possibilities and importance for continued growth, the role of culture in society, the role of universities in creating growth, demographic challenges and urbanization, energy policies for growth, infrastructure and its links to growth, young people and their way into the housing and labor markets, and the economic situation in the world and Sweden facing the super election year of 2014.

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November 2013: Swedbank Growth Days to Umeå 2014

Wed May 21 - Fri May 23 2014 Umeå Arts Campus

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