Friday Nov 21 2014 18:00 - 22:00
Season opening


Official inauguration of Tjakttjadálvvie, the last of the eight annual Sami seasons.

When Umeå’s new culture centre Väven opens on Friday, 21 November, you will also get to enjoy the Opening Ceremony of the Capital of Culture year’s eighth season Tjakttjadálvvie, early winter. It will be a captivating evening that sets the tone for the last season of the year.

18:00 – Rådhusparken fills with light
Rådhusparken fills with warming fire and thousands of light jars made by children – and as if by magic an ordinary night turns into something wonderful. This will be the tenth year running that Idéan, the Pre- and Primary School Development Centre, will arrange the atmospheric event and this year they’ve invited preschools around Sweden to participate. Light jars will shine in many other cities tonight.

18:30 – Opening Ceremony
At the Opening Ceremony, you will get to hear the Umeå celebrity Staffan Ling interpret Tjakttjadálvvie – the Season of a Journey. Afterwards, DJ May Dar from Femtastic will take the stage and spread a pleasant feeling in the whole park. Perhaps you’ll encounter the duo Karin & Sara, the women behind the popular humour podcast, when you stroll around and enjoy the light. Visitors will be treated to a warming drink with “gakko” bread and dried reindeer meat as a snack, while supplies last.
In the evening the tempo of the music will pick and pave way for a continued fun evening.

More about the artists and participants

DJ May Dar
May Dar is half of the rap duo Anaye and has been producing music since her teenage years. Drawing inspiration from everything from old Outkast songs to today’s hottest producers like Diplo and Christian Dinamarca, she creates a range of different beats. The perfect recipe for a May D production is a crispy drum sample, deep bass and chopped vocals. In addition to Anaye and her own projects, May Dar is currently working on an EP with singer Jxnatan.

Karin & Sara
The popular comedy podcast Karin & Sara has won two 2014 Swedish Podcast Awards: an honourable fourth place in the Sweden’s Best Podcast category and third place in the Comedy category. As usual, the team has more questions than answers and during the inauguration of the last of the eight annual Sami seasons, they will be looking to hear what the audience has to say in the park Rådhusparken.

Staffan Ling
Staffan Ling is an Umeå personality with a broad background in culture and media. He helped to establish the theatre Studentteatern (now Grotteatern), produced the first Swedish youth radio channel outside of Stockholm, has produced works at Västerbottensteatern and has also been involved in many pub shows and revues in Umeå and Stockholm. He was also a TV producer, programme host and director at SVT from 1969 to 1987 and contributed to Umeå’s development into one of Sweden’s four regional TV production hubs. He has also hosted a couple of hundred programmes on channels TV3 and TV4‚ to name just some of his achievements.

Idéan is an educational and cultural education development centre for preschool and primary school students. For the tenth year running, the centre will be holding its dazzling children’s lanterns event in central Umeå, this year in the lower section of Rådhusparken, beside the new Väven cultural centre.

Friday Nov 21 2014 18:00 - 22:00 Rådhusparken

Organizer: Umeå2014

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