Lördag aug 30 2014 14:00 - 15:00
Season Opening


The Tjakttjagiessie opening ceremony heralds not only the start of a new season, but also the beginning of the Umeå Contemporary Circus Festival. This is why our opening ceremony will be challenging and spectacular, just like contemporary circus.

The master of ceremonies for the grand opening at 14:00 will be Fransesca Quartey, director and theatre manager at Västerbottensteatern. The stage in Broparken will be filled with street performances, contemporary circus, variety and yoiking.

Entertainer and juggler Johan Wellton will be putting in some amusing and astounding performances, while acrobats English Gents with their witty British humour will be performing some incredible balancing acts. Rock ring queen Jess Love, rubber woman Cronopia and Swedish conptemporary circus artists David and Fofo, famous for their pingpong ball act, will also appear.

Read more about the circus artists here.

To add a final splash of colour, the ceremony will be presenting yoikers from the Väck upp jojken! show which will be taking place later the same evening. They’ll be performing a selection of their modern interpretations of old yoiks, devised between young yoikers and their older mentors.

About the Sami artists:

Katarina Barruk
Umesami artist living in Umeå, appointed young sami artist of the year at the 2012 Riddu Riddu festival.

Hilda Länsman
From Utsjoki, Finland and at the beginning of a promising career, the daughter to the famous artist Ulla Pirttijärvi has been living with yoik her entire life.

Ante Kuoljok
Has roots in the South Sami area, living in Jokkmokk. Despite his young age, Ante has already managed to release an album last year, thanks to a special school project.

David Anoar Holmstrand
With a Sami mother and Moroccan father, David mostly grew up in Oslo where he worked with music. Now he lives in Lakselv in Sapmi to improve his knowledge of the Sami culture and yoiking.

The opening of the contemporary circus festival at 12-16
Spend a day in Broparken with family and friends! Be astonished by the exotic and skillful circus performers. Or try being a circus performer yourself! Come to the park and bring your picnic basket!

During the day in Broparken, you will also be able to meet the people behind the upcoming arts festival Survival Kit. Look for the caravan!

Lördag aug 30 2014 14:00 - 15:00 Broparken

Arrangör: Umeå2014

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