Sat Aug 9 - Sat Aug 23 2014


This exhibition will be shown in two venues – the Old Prison and the Glass House during August.

Transformation is an exciting meeting in times of change between three visual artists, Andreas Hedberg, Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp and Petra Lundström. This exhibition presents a series of works where each artist responds to the theme of transition from their individual point of view.

We are at a point where life is moving forward at an increasingly faster pace, but where are we going? The exhibition provides a breathing space for contemplation, an invitation to pause and reflect on life.

Transformation constitutes a new and interesting collaboration  where these three artists pose questions and give expression to the conditions of change and its new beginnings.

“Transformation begins with the individual” – Dr William Edward Deming

August is in the Sami season of Giessie, which is the time of contemplation.

The Old Prison 9-23 August 2014
Opening hours 12-18 (Wednesday 12-20).
Exhibition opening Saturday 9 August at 18-21.

The Glass House 17-19 August 2014
Opening hours 12-17.

More information:

Sat Aug 9 - Sat Aug 23 2014 The old prison
Sun Aug 17 - Tue Aug 19 2014 The Glass House

Organizer: Vännäsbygden Art Association
Part of a project: Transformation
More information: http:/­/­
Valter Karlsson
+46 935 231 60

Visiting information for The Glass House

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