Sat Jun 14 - Wed Jul 9 2014

Two exhibitions in one

One joint exhibition presents Kerstin Strandberg and Berit Markevärn with a mix of exciting installations and expressive watercolours.

Kerstin Strandberg is classically trained at HDK in Gothenburg, as well as a member of the artists’ National Organisation (KRO) and she operates in Härnösand. In her FIBER Verk she talks about the simplicity of the organic fibre and use it in contrast to other materials. Tension arises between the bustling fibre with its growing power and the fixed grid, as a metaphor for rigid systems and mechanical repetition. Sometimes a battle of life and death. The material consists of iron, plexiglass and sisal and bast fibres.

Berit Markevärn has spent the summers with her family at Norrbyskär since 1980. This island has inspired many of her expressive watercolours. Berit is also a member of the KRO and has previously made many solo exhibitions in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Helsinki. During the end of the 1990s we had the honor of showing her art at Norrbyskärs Museum and it is with pleasure that we once again can welcome her back to the island.

Welcome to the exhibition opening on 14 June at 12 noon.
Opening hours of the museum:
14-19 June 10.00-16.00
20 June – 10 August 10.00-20.00

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Sat Jun 14 - Wed Jul 9 2014 Norrbyskär Museum

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Amanda Åhfeldt, exhibition manager

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