Wed Feb 26 - Wed Mar 12 2014
Ubmejen Biejvieh

Sami Week 2014

A natural meeting place in Sápmi.

Naturally enough you will still be able to enjoy the popular Sami week (Ubmejen Biejvieh in Sami) in 2014. Among the programme items are Sami concerts, art shows, handicrafts exhibitions, lectures, films, theatre and dance. Sami week coincides with our sports holidays and therefore also features many outdoor activities for children. Events and activities take place at Västerbotten Museum and other venues around the city.

Ubmejen Biejvieh has become a natural meeting point for Sami from the whole of Sápmi (the lands inhabited by the Sami people). Sami culture comes to the fore at this time and excites the interest of local people and tourists alike. The organiser is Såhkie Umeå Sameförening (Såhkie – Umeå Sami Association), a body that works to spread information about the Samis and Sami culture and aims to safeguard and promote Sami interests.

Wed Feb 26 - Wed Mar 12 2014 Central Umeå

Organizer: Såhkie - Umeå Saami Society
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