Thu Jul 24 - Sun Jul 27 2014

Umeå Football Festival 2014

With more than 7,000 players and coaches this is one of Sweden’s largest international football tournaments for young people. The ambition of Umeå Fotbollsfestival (Umeå Football Festival) is that everyone should have the opportunity to take part, which is why the tournament has classes for children, youths and the disabled. There is also a class that is run in collaboration with Korpen (one of Sweden’s largest amateur sports associations).

Activities and meeting points are also arranged off the field of play. The intentions for 2014 are to increase the number of international sides, attract more girl teams and, through careful travel planning and climate proofing, create an environmentally sustainable festival.

Thu Jul 24 - Sun Jul 27 2014

Organizer: Mariehems SK
Sofia Isberg
+4690-13 94 45

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