Sat Feb 1 - Sun Apr 27 2014

Umeå – The European Capital of Hardcore 1989-2000

The exhibition “Umeå – The European Capital of Hardcore 1989-2000″ shown from February to April 2014 is presented by the Archive of Popular Movement in Västerbotten in collaboration with designers SGC & LLLL and Umeå 2014.

Umeå Hardcore Archive was founded in 2011 and since then collects materials related to Umeå Hardcore. The archive consists of images, movies, newspaper clippings, fanzines, records, t-shirts, tour curiosities, instruments and much more. A big part of the collection is available digitally on

Follow the work of the exhibition at:
Facebook: Umeå Hardcore Arkiv
Instagram: @umeaHCarkiv
Twitter: @umeaHCarkiv

Picture: Refused live. Photo: Ulf Nyberg / Umeå Hardcore Archive.

Sat Feb 1 - Sun Apr 27 2014 Guitars

Organizer: Folkrörelsearkivet i Västerbotten
Part of a project: Umeå Hardcore Archive
More information: http:/­/­­in-english/­
Karin Holmgren, Project Manager and Head of the Popular Movement Archive in Västerbotten, +4670-513 80 44
Fredrik Fagerlund, Head of PR/Founder of Guitars - The museum, +4670-632 55 94

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