Fri Jan 31 - Sun Feb 2 2014
Opening Weekend

Umeå Today

During the Opening Weekend, Umeå Today turns the whole of Rådhusesplanaden, which stretches the entire way through central Umeå, into a long, collective stage for artistic expression, physical activity, song and inflammatory talks.

Join in the shadow play, add a few metres to the giant embroidery or challenge somebody to winter boules! Rådhusesplanaden is the place where everybody can express themselves in the language or way that is right for just them.

During Umeå today, the entire region’s burning desire and creative force is Umeå’s driving force. Young and old, big and small alike – just let it go, all of us together in an unpredictable and creative outburst.

You can sit down next to a fire and watch, or you can hop in and make your mark together with all the other participants.

Producer: Madelene Edlund

Artist Madelene Edlund is the collecting force behind Umeå today. She is active in Umeå where she creates artistic hand craft and jewellery, as well as holding courses and workshops. For ten years now, she has been holding inspiration courses for nursery school teachers as well as fairy tale workshops for children.

Programme and activities for Umeå today:

Saturday 12–24 Embroidery for and with everyone, and for invited groups.
Sunday 12–16 Embroidery for and with everyone.

The embroidery is done on zinced fences set up between walls of snow. On Saturday you will meet the local part of the Embroidery Academy and young people from Hamnmagasinet. Three fences will be open for the public to express themselves on. Hosts will be on site to help you out.


Mid-winter Boules
Friday 14–16 Trial round
Saturday 12–17 Qualification round
Saturday 14–14 Celebrity Boules Challenge
Saturday 19 Finals
Sunday 12–16 Boules for all

Lyssna på mig! (Hear me out!)
Saturday 1 February 12.00, 12.10, 12.20, 12.30 etc. up until 24.00. The speaks will take a short break during the Burning Snow event 17.00-18.00

Listen to all speakers in the audio archive!

In Lyssna på mig! a new person enters the stage every ten minutes to hold their talk, read a poem, sing a song or express something that means a lot to them. Listen to youngsters, half old, half young and older. You’ll hear different languages such as Meänkieli, Urdu, English, Swedish, Kurdish, Sami and Bondska.

Skuggor (Shadows)
Saturday 12–24 Shadows for, and with, one and all.
Sunday 12–16 Shadows for, and with, one and all.

On two screens for shadow play, fused between walls of snow, we combine forces to give new shapes to Rådhusesplanaden, with lights and shadows. Open for all, young and old.

Fair City
Fair City is open throughout the Opening Weekend but is manned:

Friday 31 January, 10–16
Saturday 1 February, 10–17 (hot chocolate and buns 14–17!)
Sunday 2 February, 10–14

What would the future look like if children could decide? In the exhibition Fair City, which comprises several pavilions along Rådhusesplanaden in central Umeå, you gain a picture of how Umeå could appear in the future. The pavilions house exhibitions in which Umeå schoolchildren present nine themes of significance for the future of Umeå. The themes are: water, children’s rights, communication, energy, food, knowledge, travel, space and school.

About Kulturverket (“Culture department”)
The Kulturverket of Umeå municipality, which is responsible for child and youth creativity, works to increase the participation of young people in cultural life and develops aesthetic learning processes in schools. The department runs a cultural project where young people’s ideas are taken up and developed together with older pupils, students, teachers and professional artists. Everybody is involved in the end result, which could be a concert, operatic performance, exhibition, film etc.

Photo (boule): jfgornet CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Friday Jan 31 2014 10:00 - 16:00 Rådhusesplanaden
Saturday Feb 1 2014 10:00 - 00:00 Rådhusesplanaden
Sunday Feb 2 2014 10:00 - 16:00 Rådhusesplanaden

Organizer: Umeå2014
Part of a project: Fair City
Producer Madelene Edlund

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