Saturday Apr 26 2014 18:00 - 20:00

Vaasa Choirs sing in Umeå

Three choirs from Vasa Arbis comes to Umeå on a singing trip. In cooperation with Wasa Line, the journey becomes a musical cruise with mini concerts and sing-along on the boat from Vaasa to Umeå Friday, April 25.

On Saturday, April 26, there will be singing on the town and in the evening a concert in the Teg Church together with Umeå Oratorio Choir.

On Sunday, April 27, the choirs sing at retirement homes in Umeå. Then there will be a lot of singing on the journey home with Wasa Line.

The choirs participating in the trip are:
– Quinnton (women’s choir of about 50 singers, conductor Johanna Törni)
– SilverQuinns (women’s choir for 60+ women, conductor Naomi Elfving)
– Gerby Choir (mixed choir, about 45 singers, conductor Naomi Elfving)
– Douple Up (mixed octet from Närpes, conductor Marika Esch)

The choirs want to celebrate Umeå’s European Capital of Culture year by singing in different places and also delight the elderly who are not able to participate in events on the town. Singing gives joy of life!

Picture: The conductors Naomi Elfving, Marika Esch and Johanna Törni.

Saturday Apr 26 2014 18:00 - 20:00 Teg Church

Organizer: The Vasa Arbis choirs QuinnTon, Gerby Choir and SilverQuinns
Johanna Törni

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