Lördag dec 6 2014 09:30 - 16:00
The Ume Sami

Viessuoje Mujttuo

Såhkie Umeå Sami Association in cooperation with Álgguogåhtie invites the public to a conference in Ubmeje/Umeå.

A slow but steady revolution is happening with the Ume Sami language, which today is one of the world’s smallest languages. The lack of a formally accepted ortography, lack of education possibilities and weak support from the state has forced Ume Sami supporters to action. New solutions are now being worked with related to digital learning over the internet.

During 2014 Såhkie Umeå Sami Association started a cooperation with the british based company Memrise. A basic learning material was created on the Memrise learning platform and was released to the public in June. Now Viessuoje Mujttuo, which means Living Memory in Ume Sami, is being hosted to present the next phase of the long path back to a strong, living language.

Our most famous guest of the day is Ed Cooke, Grandmaster of Memory and CEO of Memrise. Other speakers include Mikael Vinka, professor of Sami languages, Ulla Barruk Sunna, president of Álgguohgåhtie and Peter Steggo, minority coordinator of Umeå municipality.

We will provide guests with coffee and fika during the day. The morning seminars will be only in swedish whilst the afternoon seminars will be in english.

Guests must register themselves for participation to oscar@sahkie.se. Participation is free with a limited number of seats.

More info and schedule can be found at www.sahkie.se

Lördag dec 6 2014 09:30 - 16:00 Umeå university, MIT-huset

Arrangör: Såhkie Umeå Sami Association
Del av projekt: Tráhppie - Sámi culture house
Mer info: http:/­/­www.sahkie.se/­event/­viessuoje-mujttuo-a-digital-future-for-ume-sami/­

Besöksinformation för Umeå university, MIT-huset

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