Sat Jul 12 - Sun Aug 10 2014


A unique and exclusive exhibition at Norrbyskär, a scenic island just south of Umeå. Once upon a time Norrbyskär was the location of Europe’s largest steam sawmill. Now some of the old industrial buildings host a museum and an art exhibition hall.

The exhibition consists of photographs, paintings and textile art by Brutus Östling, bird photographer, Britt-Lis Lindqvist, textile artist, and Andreas Hedberg, bird painter.

As the Sami season Giessie (summer) starts so does also this exhibition. In the north of Sweden the winters are long and cold and the summers are short but invigorating. It is fascinating to see the frozen landscape come to buzzing life when summer arrives. Lots of birds migrates to this part of the world to mate and give life to a new generation. The short summer of the north make it easier to observe the circle of life and the miracle of every moment. It is truly a reminder to take care of life and our environment.

Wings lets you fly. Birds and wings are empowering symbols of spirit in most religions, it is also a symbol for our dreams – to transcend beyond our limitations. Birds are fascinating creatures living close to us all over this planet but at the same time they also appear to be part of another dimension.

Welcome to the opening on the 12th of July at 12pm

Open Hours:

14-19 Jun, 10.00-16.00

20 Jun – 10 August, 10.00-20.00

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Sat Jul 12 - Sun Aug 10 2014 Norrbyskär Museum

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Amanda Åhfeldt, Exhibition Manager,

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