Thursday Nov 6 2014 20:00 - 22:00
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Zoobazar & Carmen Paris

Folk music from around the Mediterranean, mixed with jazz, funk and rock.

Meet a top notch Spanish world music ensemble playing new Mediterranean music! The band Zoobazar was formed in 2004 by members of among others Radio Tarifa, Eliseo Parra and La Musgaña. Since their debut at the Getxo Folk festival, have toured both in Spain and internationally. They play folk music from all over the Mediterranean mixed with jazz, funk and rock – as well as influences from the Middle East and India. Carmen Paris is one of Spain’s greatest singers. In the north-eastern Spain, in the province of Aragon, she early on discovered the traditional music style iota.

During a long career as both a singer, pianist and composer, she has been combining iota tradition, jazz, tango, bolero, and African rhythms. Now, she has brought Zoobazar and Carmen Paris on a common musical journey. They come together with a common love for the traditional music of the Mediterranean – and an unwavering passion to seek new musical expression. Do not miss a unique collaboration between two of Spain’s most interesting world music acts.

Participating: Zoobazar & Carmen Paris

For all ages!

Part of YAM Session/Showcase.

Thursday Nov 6 2014 20:00 - 22:00 NorrlandsOperan

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