Umeå2014 had around 100 ambassadors from around the world that helped spread awareness and commitment about the Capital of Culture year in Umeå. We at Umeå2014 are extremely proud and grateful for these people and all the voluntary work that they have done.

This is how it sounded when some ambassadors answered the question “Why have you chosen to become an Umeå2014 ambassador?”

Why have you chosen to become an Umeå2014 ambassador?

Anna SelbergAnna Selberg
From/lives in: Umeå
Occupation: Claims Adjuster, Trygg Hansa
I am an active member of Umeå Guideförening (Umeå Guide Association). As a guide I have to keep updated on what is going on in Umeå. This is also a great way to meet new people and to network. To me it was obvious to become an Umeå2014 ambassador!
Jonathan Davies_webbJonathan Davies
From: Somerset, UK/ NSW, Australia
Lives in: Ålidhem, Umeå
Occupation: Student of UMA/ Blogger for SI
Initially, I decided to volunteer because I wanted to learn more about the city I now call home. Now, I’m excited to see the range of projects it brings to Umeå, engage with this exciting chapter in the city’s history, and be able to say, “I was there!”
lyza_webbLyza Sahertian
From/lives in: Paris, France
Occupation: Artist
It’s a major importance in helping to make a common “European Cultural One” a reality and to bring about cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. As an artist and Umeå2014 Ambassador, we need to travel beyond borders to extend our scope of activities and meet new audiences, new and inspiring sources of inspiration to make our creations evolve and to exchange experiences and learn from each other.
Fredrik_Aberg_webbFredrik Åberg
From: Sävar, north of Umeå
Lives in: Umeå
Occupation: Works at Umeå Municipality
I see it as a great opportunity to learn more about the rich offering of culture that is laid out in 2014. I also want to help spread this knowledge to others. For me, this is about being a good host to all who want to learn more about Umeå2014, providing them with good information and a worthy reception.
huseyn_webbHüseyin Burak Bolat
From: Turkey
Lives in: Umeå
Occupation: Student
I have decided to be an ambassador to get involved in Umeå2014 and to have a closer look at how the project is being organized. This is a very good opportunity to meet representatives and the people in charge of Umea2014 and get access to information in a more interactive way.
birgittamargareta_lofstromBirgitta and Margareta Löfström
From/lives in: Umeå
Occupation: Seniors
We really want to promote our beautiful town where we grew up. Within ourselves, we cover a large range of different interests. If you can read Swedish, learn more about us in this interview in Totalt Umeå.


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