The Cultural Boost

The Cultural Boost has been an opportunity for associations and independent actors to apply for a grant of up to SEK 20 014 to organize projects and events during the European Capital of Culture year.

Prior to Umeå’s Capital of Culture year associations, groups and independent actors highlighted that there was a need  to test and develop their ideas. The purpose was to be able to mobilize and develop up to 2014 and afterwards.

The Programme Committee for the European Capital of Culture year decided who received funding from the Cultural Boost. Four Cultural Boosts were handed out each month, except in the summer when there was a break between June and July.

Criteria for receiving a Cultural Boost

Support was given to project and event ideas that could become part of the program year and:

– Was carried out wholly or partially in Umeå.

– Proceeded on the basis of at least one but preferably several of Umeå2014’s objectives:

  • Promote human growth
  • Strengthen the role of culture as a driving force for sustainable development
  • Strengthen the cultural life of international relations and dimensions

Were based on the features that would characterize a Capital of Culture project:

  • Innovation
  • Development
  • Co-creation
  • Equality
  • Availability
  • Diversity
  • Sustainability

The money could not be used for regular activities and the project had to be reported back afterwards. The one responsible for the project had to be 18 years or older. Projects aimed at children and young people were alcohol- and drug-free according to Umeå municipality’s guidelines. The projects were presented afterwards, either through text and image, text and sound or text and film. A clear statement of accounts was also required. A project/idea could only get a Cultural Boost once. The boost was not a guarantee for a continued financial support.

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