The Glass House

The Glass House 2014 was situated at the Town Hall Square in the centre of Umeå, well guarded by Sean Henry’s statue Standing Man. The purpose with the Glass House was to highlight all the powers that together formed the European Capital of Culture year in Umeå.

The Glass House had a floor area of 30 m² and all the walls were made of glass. All associations and cultural activities were welcome to use the Glass House in the centre of the city. This included organisations, municipalities and associations and clubs in the region, other European Capitals of Culture, as well as Umeå’s sister cities. Each host were free to determine what was to be presented in the Glass House; presentation of projects, talks, music, theatre, dance, exhibitions, workshops, film, etc. The Glass House was part of the European Capital of Culture year’s long-term work leading up to 2014 and during the year.

Today, the Glass House has found a new home at Granö Beckasin, where it will serve to be a meeting point and extend the European Capital of Culture year.

The design of the house was finalized by Lars Rosenberg and some of the sound and video equipment inside have been sponsored by the firm Mindspace Group AB in Umeå.


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